Learn More About Our Ranchers' Mission

We put our cattle before ourselves

Ideals of respect and liberty are ingrained into our culture. The American Cowboy Lifestyle is all about American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This lifestyle is not a choice for American Cowboy Beef, but our way of life that goes back through generations of ranchers in Wheatland, Wy. Order our natural beef and you can taste the difference.

The ideals we live by every day

At American Cowboy Beef, the entire process is as respectful as possible. Even our young daughters interact with the cattle on the ranch. We raise Corriente cattle as well as other breeds depending on the needs of our customers. You can be confident that our grass-fed beef:

  • Comes from cattle that were raised humanely
  • Uses the whole animal to reduce waste as much as possible
  • Is USDA choice or prime cuts
We do not offer taste tastings, but if you appreciate high-quality meat, then you'll love ours. Our customers rave about the exceptional taste of our free-range beef products.